Granite Podcast Studio

Sound superb with high-end audio equipment designed to make podcasting incredibly easy. Book today and record your shows in our professional studio.



Record your podcast in our state of the art studio. Using our cutting-edge and user friendly technology allows for a smooth and efficient experience, creating a high quality podcast.


Upon purchasing our post production services, we will strive to help bring your vision to life. Our podcast editing team will use your guidance and editing notes in order to provide a finished product, leaving your listeners wanting more. 



Once our podcast editors receive your final recording along with your instructions, we will provide you with broadcast-quality content suitable to share on all major streaming platforms.

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Our Studio

Want to record a professional podcast, audiobook, vodcast or voiceover reel?

Our professional studio has all that you need. Our studio is equipped with high-spec Rode audio equipment and ultra HD cameras in a soundproof room that can facilitate up to 4 people.

We give our clients a voice that engages, entertains, educates and grows their audience through the power of podcasting.



Our purpose-built podcast studio is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment to deliver quality and affordable recordings. Get in touch to see how we can help further.

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