Behind the scenes: Newry businesswoman describes her first podcast experience

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Latest News

Behind every great podcast is a great person with a great story.

Today we’re enjoying a behind-the-scenes chat with one of Ireland’s leading fitness figures in the last decade, Newry’s Natasha Daryaie.

Natasha, known affectionately by her clients as ‘The Gym Guru’ started her exciting journey under unique circumstances; at The Fun House, Newry.

This is where she juggled a successful twelve-year career as a busy manager at the popular family entertainment centre, alongside coaching hundreds of women in weight loss boot camps.

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing every facet of modern life, The Gym Guru’s membership doubled, with the business experiencing rapid growth.

And with the rapid expansion, Natasha decided to start a podcast, which she recorded at Newry’s Granite Podcast Studio.

“My business has rapidly grown in 2020, and I feel that this year has had such a detrimental effect on people’s mental health,” Natasha explains.

“I wanted to help more people get through this tough time, and I believe that podcasts and audiobooks can help people learn, grow and self develop through this challenging time,” she adds.

Speaking about Granite Podcast Studio, Natasha says as soon as she heard Granite Exchange was opening a podcast studio, she knew it was the perfect time to launch her podcast.

“I didn’t have any knowledge about how to start a podcast, but the staff in Granite Exchange took care of everything,” Natasha explains.

“I love Granite Exchange and everything it has to offer for local businesses and entrepreneurs.”

Describing her new podcast – The 3 Points Podcast – Natasha comments, “I want my podcasts to provide people with 3 main points to help their life physically and mentally.

“I will be taking on exciting guests along the way, and they too will be sharing their 3 main points in the interview, and the room at Granite Podcast Studio is perfectly set up for interviews, with four microphones.

I also plan to make use of the studio’s cutting-edge technology and software, which allows me to interview people over the phone.”

She adds, “The staff at Granite Podcast Studio are fantastic; they showed me how to use all of the equipment.

“I also made use of the studio’s editing service, which transformed my new podcast into a professional, ready-to-upload show.

There’s a real personal touch to everything in the studio, and that’s only made possible by the friendly staff who personalised my experience.”

Natasha says her first experience of podcasting at Granite Podcast Studio was “amazing”.

“It truly is a fantastic setup; a state of the art studio with the best recording equipment.  

All I had to focus on was the podcast’s content; everything else was taken care of.

Jessica was fantastic and made me feel so welcome and relaxed,” she adds.

One of her favourite parts of the experience, she says, was “picking the music with Jessica that will open my podcast up.”

With a brimful of ambition, Natasha says her first foray into the podcasting industry has given her “confidence to make my podcasts stand out.”

The Gym Guru describes the experience as fun and creative, and says other local businesses “100% must try podcasting”.

“It was straightforward to book a time slot for recording and editing in the studio on the Granite Podcast Studio website.

I was delighted with the final result; the sound quality was amazing, and I just can’t wait now to let listeners hear it.

Thanks to the help from staff at Granite Podcast Studio, my podcast is now available to listen to on Apple, Spotify, Podbean, Google Play and Amazon music.”

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Granite Podcast Studio charge just £40 + VAT per hour for a one-off session, and our format is compatible with all streaming services.

Need your podcast edited too by the experts? The editing option costs only £40 + VAT per hour.

So for just £80 you can have your podcast professionally recorded and expertly edited.

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