The Public Eye Podcast – Season 4!

Granite Podcast Studio are set to launch their fourth series of ‘The Public Eye Business Podcast,’ which is hosted by the incredible Sarah Travers!

The first three series’ featured some truly inspirational people, and the fourth will be no different; as we hear some fantastic stories from the best and brightest Northern Ireland has to offer.

The podcast aims to inspire existing business owners and ambitious entrepreneurs by providing a unique insight into the success of local businesses.

The first episode of the series is set to launch on Wednesday 14th July 2021 at 10am and will be available on all major streaming platforms.

This series, which is sponsored by Granite Legal Services, gives listeners the inside scoop from another six fascinating individuals:

Wednesday 14th July

Episode 1- Tom Smyth, Founder of DREAM Apartments

Wednesday 21st July

Episode 2- Grainne McCoy, Founder of Give Us Beauty

Wednesday 28th July

Episode 3- Giuseppe Fallone, Founder of La Dolce Vita

Wednesday 4th August

Episode 4- Jason Foody, General Manager of Killeavy Castle Estate

Wednesday 11th August

Episode 5- Annette Kelly, Founder of Little Penny Thoughts

Wednesday 18th August

Episode 6- Zara McLaughlin, Founder of Zara Ceramics

Join Tom Smyth as he tells Sarah Travers how he launched the multi award-winning Dream Luxury Serviced Apartments in 2017, which has since become the leading serviced accommodation supplier in the UK.

Sarah is also joined this series by local beauty guru and entrepreneur Grainne McCoy. The former semi-finalist of the Apprentice hit our screens in 2016 but has since started her own range of beauty products and has recently opened her own beauty super store, ‘Give us Beauty,’ right here in the heart of Newry City.

Giuseppe Fallone shares the secret in the sauce… and to his success! The Founder of the award-winning restaurant, ‘La Dolce Vita’ explains to Sarah how the business has achieved all its success so far, the thought process that goes into creating the famous dishes and how he launched his products into supermarkets across Ireland in a global pandemic!

We also welcomed Annette Kelly onto the podcast, Founder of Little Penny Thoughts, which was originally launched as a Facebook page by Annette and has now accumulated a community of over half a million followers across its social media platforms. Annette shares why she started this venture, how she manages to stay motivated and is able to inspire people across the world.

Jason Foody, ‘King of the Castle,’ shares his story on how he became the General Manager of the stunning Killeavy Castle Estate, voted Castle Hotel of the Year and Hotel 2020. Jason also shares his vision for future and highlights the importance of sustainably.

For the season finale, Sarah is joined by the super talented Zara McLaughlin, Founder of Zara Ceramics. Zara talks about how her passion over lockdown has led her into a full-time career with her online following soaring to over 30,000 over the course of a few months.

Launching on Wednesday 14th July 2021, you can find the upcoming series on SpotifyApple Podcasts, and Pod bean, as well as catching up on the incredible stories from the last three series!

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The ‘What’s the Crime?’ podcast by Gráinne and Gemma Gallanagh

The ‘What’s the Crime?’ podcast by Gemma and Grainne Gallanagh

For anyone who can’t resist a spine-chilling tale, our latest podcast series is the perfect treat for true crime junkies everywhere.

Created and hosted by Donegal native Grainne Gallanagh and featuring her sister Gemma, the ‘What’s the Crime?’ podcast follows a different case each week, thankfully solved, from all corners of the world – Grainne does the research into the story and then tells Gemma everything about the case, therefore allowing listeners to hear a real and organic reaction to the heartbreaking (and often disturbing) cases.

Grainne, 26, is a model, having won the coveted Miss Universe Ireland title in 2018 and placing in the Top 20 in the Miss Universe competition, and a nurse; she returned to her healthcare role at the beginning of the pandemic, after participating in the fourth series of Dancing With the Stars Ireland.

Grainne has always had a love of true crime, as has Gemma, and they most definitely are not alone; despite only launching ‘What’s the Crime?’ at the end of March, their new series has been ranked as the number 4 true crime podcast on Apple Podcasts.

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The Public Eye – Season 3!

 In just a few days, Granite Podcast Studio will be gearing up for the launch of their third series of The Public Eye business podcast. Hosted by the wonderful Sarah Travers, the first two series’ featured some truly ambitious people, and the third will be no different; with fantastic stories from the best and brightest Northern Ireland has to offer, the podcast aims to inspire existing business owners and ambitious entrepreneurs by providing a unique insight into the success of local businesses.

This series, which is sponsored by Granite Legal Services, gives listeners the inside scoop from another six fascinating individuals-

Wednesday 7th April

Episode 1- Bréandan O’Cartaigh from Killowen Distillery

Wednesday 14th April

Episode 2- Peter McCaul from Péarlaí

Wednesday 21st April

Episode 3- Gervase McGenity from Granite Legal Services

Wednesday 28th April

Episode 4- Gemma Murphy from Jack Murphy Jewellers

Wednesday 5th May

Episode 5- Yuri Lee Keown from Wonky

Wednesday 12th May

Episode 6- David Crilly from Crilco Confections

Listeners to the new series will be in for a treat, as Breandán O’Carthaigh from Killowen Distillery speaks about his desire to challenge the existing standards in the spirits industry whilst maintaining the authenticity of the traditional ways of distilling whiskey, while Peter McCaul from Péarlaí discusses the changing shopping trends and the success he has enjoyed as a result of the current climate.

Gervase McGenity from Granite Legal Services informs listeners of the potential mistakes businesses can make by not seeking the appropriate legal advice, and Gemma Murphy from Jack Murphy Jewellers discusses her vision for an autism-friendly shopping experience.

Yuri Lee-Keown from Wonky regales us with her tale of making the leap from high fashion in Manhattan to recruiting knitters from her new home on a sheep farm in Kilkeel, and David Crilly of Crilly’s Sweets speaks of the joys of growing up surrounded by confectionery and enlightens us as to which sweet is his childhood favourite!

Launching on Wednesday 7th April 2021, you can find the upcoming series on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Podbean, as well as catching up on the incredible stories from the last two series’.

Podcasting: Home recording versus studio recording

Recording a podcast series at home might cost a little less, but it comes with a whole host of problems and ultimately creates a false economy.

You’ve got an idea for creating a podcast series.

And now you’re thinking about your options on how to create it.

One of your options is, of course, to buy all the equipment yourself and record your podcasts at home.

However, while a home-based podcast recording might save you a little in terms of upfront costs, it ultimately creates a false economy.

Today we weigh up your options.

Sound quality at home

One of the most important things to get right is the sound quality; sound quality issues on a podcast are an instant turn off.

Writing on LinkedIn, business journalist, editor and audio producer Stephen Lacey warns, “It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about the subject, it’s pretty hard to stay tuned if the levels are too low, the interview subject is scratchy, or the host’s microphone sounds like it was purchased from Fisher-Price.”

He adds, “Quality is everything. It’s what separates the top 20% of podcasts from the rest.”

Recording a podcast at home is challenging because you can’t control your surroundings.

An ambulance siren wailing in the background? Picked up on your home microphone.

Kids playing and screaming in the front garden? Picked up on your microphone.

Sound quality at a professional podcast studio like Granite Podcast Studio

At Granite Podcast Studio, our fully soundproofed rooms offer the perfect place to create the next popular podcast series.

It’s ideal for first-timers or regular podcasters with pay as you go and monthly membership options available.

The studio enjoys a professional yet chilled, ambient finish intended to stimulate and facilitate engaging conversations and content.

With state-of-the-art equipment and room for up to four participants, you’ll have the space to create an epic podcast.

Just show up and start recording.

Podcast equipment at home

If you’ve bought podcasting equipment to record at home, regardless of whether you’ve skimped on cost or went all-out for the latest recording gadgetry, you’ll also need to know how to use it.

And learning how to use everything is time-consuming; expect to watch countless YouTube tutorials and Googling how to solve issues.

Podcast equipment in Granite Podcast Studio

We have all the latest, state-of-the-art podcasting equipment available for you to use.

Record quality podcasts without the need for any technical skills; experienced staff are on-site to help with set up and guide you through the recording process.

Simply show up, create your podcast and have fun.

Podcast guests at home

Most of the highest-listened-to podcasts globally share one distinctive commonality; they interview new guests regularly.

But will you want to interview these guests at your home?

Podcast guests in Granite Podcast Studio

Granite Podcast Studio is a spacious, airy studio with a relaxing atmosphere that can fit up to four participants.

Walk in, sit down and begin talking; our Podcast Studio’s design enables you to focus on recording exciting conversations and engaging content. 

Our studio can facilitate up to four people and with some of the city’s best eateries and coffee shops a stone-throw away; you can enjoy a coffee for you and your guests.

At Granite Podcast Studio we charge just £40 + VAT per hour for a one-off session.

Need your podcast edited too by our experts? Our editing option costs just £40 + VAT per hour.

So, what are you waiting for? Find out more by clicking HERE.

Mind-blowing stats that prove the growing power of podcasts

Podcasting has enjoyed a meteoric rise in recent years, and Northern Ireland businesses should consider it as a hugely beneficial, yet untapped, marketing tool.

The growing popularity of podcasts shows that while the UK still lags significantly behind the US in listening figures, there will be a bridging of that gap in the coming years.

Some of the most popular UK podcasts include the ‘That Peter Crouch Podcast’ – a podcast by ex-footballer Peter Crouch – with around 12 million listeners.

In Northern Ireland there was a 50% increase in people who had smart speakers in their homes; another way people in the country access their favourite podcasts.

Here are four mind-blowing statistics that prove the growing power of podcasts.

12% of the UK’s adult population listens to a podcast each week.

An impressive 7 million adults in the UK now listen to podcasts every week.

If we follow the same trajectory as the United States (which we usually do!) – where there are 88 million podcast listeners – there are enormous opportunities for local businesses to get involved.

200% projected growth rate in UK podcast listeners in the next three years.

In just three years – by 2023 – podcast listeners could double to over 14 million.

That’s according to a recent Nielsen report.

Head of Platforms at Nielsen, Amanda Woodley, said, “With the number of weekly podcast listeners almost doubling in the last five years, advertisers, agencies and media owners, recognise the benefits of this new medium to reach consumers.”

And more listening ears mean more opportunities for Northern Ireland businesses to reach customers.

Six out of ten listeners say they are willing to pay for subscriptions.

Recent research suggests that six out of ten people would be happy to pay a subscription fee for premium podcast content.

And with customers now paying recurring subscriptions for Apple Music and Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime, along with a host of other subscriptions, podcasting looks set to follow the same path.

Interestingly, the report found that listeners would be happy to pay around £4.00 a month (or £50.00 a year) to listen to their favourite podcasts.

59% of podcast listeners say they would buy from a brand advertised in a podcast.

The opportunities for a Northern Ireland business in podcasting are clear: building brand awareness, engaging with prospective customers, becoming a thought leader and building up a loyal following.

But those are not the only ways you can harness the power of podcasting.

Recent research reveals that 80% of listeners are positive/neutral to receiving adverts, and a staggering 59% said they would be willing to buy from a brand advertised in a podcast.

At Granite Podcast Studio we charge just £40 + VAT per hour for a one-off session.

Need your podcast edited too by our experts? Our editing option costs just £40 + VAT per hour.

So for just £80 you can have your podcast professionally recorded and expertly edited.

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Granite Podcast Studio has launched!

“Hear we go: Northern Ireland’s most impressive podcast studio opens for business

A brand new podcast studio has opened in the heart of #Newry and looks set to make [sound] waves in the Northern Ireland business community.

Based on-site in popular co-working space Granite Exchange, the podcast studio is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art recording equipment.

The explosion of popularity in Podcasting over the last five years looks set to continue into 2021, offering Northern Ireland businesses tremendous opportunities.According to Ofcom, around 7 million people in the UK now listen to podcasts every week.

For those content creators who want high-quality editing of their podcasts, Granite Podcast Studio offers a professional editing package.The ultra-modern studio offers a range of podcasting products from straight-forward recording to the full production of ready-for-upload podcasts.

The spacious studio can host up to four participants, and with the ever-growing popularity of Podcasting, it’s the perfect time for Northern Ireland businesses to launch their podcasts.

Granite Exchange members and staff spoke of their excitement at the official launch.Granite Podcast Studio Manager Colleen O’Hare said that with a 200% projected growth rate in UK podcast listeners in the next three years, now is the time for Northern Ireland businesses to make use of the marketing tool.

“There has been a significant increase in hosting podcasts for commercial use,” she says.And with recent research suggesting that six out of ten people would be happy to pay a subscription fee for premium podcast content, Colleen says local companies “can really tailor content specifically to their customer’s needs.”She continued, “Northern Ireland businesses can also promote their services and products through the growing medium while having fun as part of the process.

”Colleen says Granite Podcast studio has everything you need to create a fantastic podcast.“All of our staff are fully trained in using the equipment, so don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned podcasting veteran; we’ll be there when you need help.”Colleen added, “At Granite Exchange, we pride ourselves on being an innovative and forward-thinking business, which is why a podcast studio will be a fantastic addition to our premises.“We’re really excited to work with businesses throughout the country.”

Granite Podcast Studio charge just £40 + VAT per hour for a one-off session.Need your podcast edited too by their experts?The editing option costs just £40 + VAT per hour.So for just £80 you can have your podcast professionally recorded and expertly edited.”

For more information or to book your session visit: